Purchase Orders

Enforces strict authorisation worflow allowing you to manage your expenditure more effectively

Purchase Orders

By automating the purchase process from start to finish, Dataflow provides total control over purchasing operations. Fast and easy to use, Dataflow enforces strict authorisation levels, allowing you to manage your expenditure more effectively, and provides instant access to supplier records, cost prices, economic order quantities and lead times.

Fully integrated with Dataflow Financials, Stock Control, KITS (BOM), Works Orders and a range of vertical-specific applications, Dataflow Sales and Purchase Order Processing modules do much more than simply generate documentation.

Purchase Orders

Key Benefits

  • Authorization approval workflow
  • Show goods ordered but not delivered, invoiced, etc.
  • See financial commitment that is not accounted for
  • Empower your team with information
  • Prevent over-purchasing and eliminate dispute with suppliers
  • Match goods delivered against what was ordered
  • Manage goods that have been delivered but not invoiced
  • Purchase invoice matching and reconciliation
  • Maintain accurate cost of sales data
  • Control back-order items due from the supplier
  • See purchase and product pricing history with supplier
  • See who you have bought a particular item from in the past
  • Delegate and allow your team to grow
  • Automatic generation and posting of journal Accruals for monthly management reports
  • Improves efficiency; save time and reduce error rates
  • Enhances decision-making capabilities
  • Powerful search and reporting functionality means you have all the facts and figures you need in relation to your purchasing at your fingertips

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