At Dataflow, we aim to provide a seamless, pain-free migration path for our customers. Bringing your new solution online quickly and easily is key to minimising any disruption to day-to-day operations and helping you to start realising the benefits of your Dataflow software.

In order to ensure maximum value and minimum disruption, we want to get to know your business in detail – both in terms of technical requirements and business workflows. By understanding the role Dataflow will play in your business, we are able deliver a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Throughout the evaluation process we employ thorough methods to establish project needs and objectives. We also like to bring a personal touch to our communications; this way we can achieve a successful implementation, as well as a satisfied customer.

Dataflow is committed to delivering both a quality product and an excellent level of service. We only employ the highest calibre personnel and partner with the best resellers in the market. Whether they are an employee of Dataflow or one of our accredited partners, everyone you deal with will know the product inside and out.


Project Management

For each implementation we assign a dedicated Project Manager, whose responsibility it is to ensure quality of service from the initial planning meetings through to final systems implementation.  

Your project manager will work with you to identify the challenges of your current system and ensure your Dataflow solution meets all of your requirements. They will be responsible for overseeing all on-site and off-site project elements and will keep you informed of project progress throughout.


Vendor Neutrality

When you work with Dataflow you are dealing with the original software authors. This offers you freedom of choice when it comes to hardware and network infrastructure. Unlike many vendors, we don’t ask you to commit to a specific hardware supplier. However, should you want us to recommend specific hardware, we’d be happy to.