Supply Chain Management

Feature-rich ERP solution, helping distribution and manufacturing companies lower costs and increase productivity

Simplify supply chain management as a merchant to manage orders, streamline approvals, inventory and gain total control by automating every stage of the purchasing and selling process.

Supply Chain Management

Dataflow Supply Chain Management is a fully-featured ERP solution; designed for the specific needs of today’s distribution and manufacturing companies.

Mobile devices to take orders online or offline and to help warehouse processes such as barcode scanning, pick and pack, will provide an end to end automated solution for a better user experience.

Dataflow features multi-warehouse, multi-site workflows that are ideal for all types of distribution or pick-and-pack operations with effective tracking and management of all related processes, from the ordering to shipping of finished goods to customers or retail outlets.

Dataflow Supply Chain Management integrates seamlessly with Dataflow Financials, E-Commerce and Purchase Order Processing; allowing you to choose the functionality that best suits your business.

Key Benefits

  • Mobile device processing for accuracy and handling items
  • Increase profits by ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful processes that increase cost without increasing the value of the final product
  • 360-degree visibility across the entire supply chain network
  • It allows users to monitor the status of all activities across all suppliers, production plants and distribution centers
  • Lower operational costs, enabling price reductions to be passed on to customers
  • Full traceability to comply with BRC global food standard
  • Ensure much higher levels of on-time delivery 
  • Improve inventory management, facilitating the successful implementation of just-in-time stock models
  • Improve relationships with vendors and distributors
  • Consolidates Orders/POs and tracks orders progress and status
  • Faster response times, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention
  • Multi-Currency pricing for international trading

Supply Chain Management

Get insight into your business operations through visual analytics and real-time detailed reports.

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Tim Venner of Architectural Ceramics – Birmingham
“We have a very ambitious growth strategy, and unless we have a robust business software system we won’t be able to meet our targets, so we need a system that will stand up to our needs and demands. Architectural Ceramics are looking to Dataflow to be able to drive this business forward in the 21st century.” Tim Venner of Architectural Ceramics – Birmingham

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