Training & Support

Common sense and experience dictate that training days play a major role in achieving systems adoption and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. We are committed to helping our customers maximise the benefits of their new Dataflow software and driving down the total cost of ownership. This is why we provide comprehensive and flexible training; designed to provide a custom level of support across all relevant modules.

Training takes place at the customers’ premises, helping to reduce costs and minimising the impact of training on day-to-day operations. Post-implementation training for additional modules or new users can be booked if required.


Initial Training

Our Implementation and Training Consultant will take your authorised users through the software in detail, ensuring all users have a thorough understanding of the solution. Training will be tailored to your specific requirements, so that all users are comfortable and competent with the system.


Ongoing Training

Additional training can be arranged post-implementation for new users. Every user will receive introductory training. However, if there are individuals with specific training requirements, we are happy to tailor the training accordingly. We are also happy to support a “train the trainer” programme.



We value our customers above all else; that’s why we believe in providing support that is effective, professional and friendly. Our comprehensive SLA enables us to resolve any queries quickly and efficiently.

Annual Support and Maintenance agreements feature: