Project Accounting

Project Costing

Make your project more profitable by gaining control over revenue and expenses and recognise costs at the earliest possible moment

Project Costing

Dataflow places an emphasis on streamlining the entry and processing of all project-related transactions. Using a set of flexible, user-defined project structures, you are able to effectively control projects from first contact through to completion.

Effective Project Management and Accounting keeps your business profitable and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Dataflow offers a detailed overview of project profitability throughout and includes a set of tools for the prudent recognition of project revenues in your financial accounts.

Project Costing

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Project structure to cope with a wide variety of project variables
  • Make your project more profitable by gaining control over revenue and expenses
  • Recognise costs at the earliest possible moment; so any overspend can be identified immediately
  • Project performance and costs can be viewed on a cumulative-to-date basis or by period; and at the Project level or at any Revenue or Cost Level within the project.
  • Budgets and Milestones helping to track the job at strategic points during the life of the project
  • Dataflow provides detailed analysis of transactions in both financial accounting and project views; providing the right information to the right people, at the right time.
  • All Project costs are captured and entered once, which are then available for review and analysis from within both the financial and project management views
  • Powerful enquiries and reports for both the accounts and project managers
  • Powerful suite of standard and custom reports that allows you to view costs in a way that best suits your needs.
  • Drill-down and across into every conceivable area of the costing system, over any period of time, providing the ultimate tool for monitoring and controlling costs
  • The project enquiry displays a full status with visibility of profitability, detailed transactions, summary data by period and milestones, budget comparisons and ‘alerts’ to identify overspend.
  • Integration to industry standard CAD packages enabling you to prepare priced Bill of Materials in CAD and import into Dataflow
  • With seamless connections between financials, projects, cash management, inventory, labour, stock and work orders Dataflow project accounting will help your company to gain competitive advantage

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